Skechers are Cool Again, and I Want Every Single Pair That Exists in This Cold, Harsh World

Sep 28, 2020

Is this really just an ode to Skechers? Maybe. But the fact of the matter is, the Skechers sneaker trend is hot, hot, hot right now, and I intend to take full advantage. If you look at any street style round-up, you’re bound to see myriad dad sneakers, chunky sneakers and “ugly” sneakers. And while I don’t always adhere to what’s trending, in the case of these sneaker trends, I cannot get enough. Give me all the dad, chunky and “ugly” sneakers in the world—I love them. Now, this trend isn’t for everyone, and I understand that. But if you’re like me, and you want to stock your closet full of the chunkiest dad sneakers to ever sneak, your childhood obsession with Skechers is about to be rekindled.


In case you missed the memo, Skechers are cool again, and they’re majorly street style-approved. I can remember donning a pair of Skechers sneakers in elementary school, feeling like I was queen of the damn playground. After time, though, the trends changed, and I chose other types of shoes in which to play. But in the year 2019, Skechers are back, baby—and they’re more aesthetic than ever. The dad sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere (just ask the spring/summer 2020 runways), so you might as well strap in for the sneaker ride of your life. Whether you’re already a big fan of Skechers’ new sneakers or are really trying to understand the trend, this little shopping guide is for you.

Below, you’ll find all my favorite pairs of Skechers sneakers on offer right now. From animal print beauties (I’m talking cow print, snake print, leopard print—you name it.) to classic chunky sneakers sure to go with all of your favorite street style ensembles, these Skechers are ready to jump on your feet and into your Instagram photos. The future is now, people.