10 Summer Sneakers That Make Any Outfit Look Stylish

Sep 30, 2020

Hi, it’s Bella, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor and noted online shopping addict. When you love getting dressed as much as I do, time spent social-distancing at home does not call for grubby college sweats. Instead, I’ve been reaching for the cutest patterned leggings and matching sweat sets I can find—and when I can’t find them, I’m buying them. I’m pairing the best summer sneakers I can find with these quarantine lewks, and I’ve currently got a whopping ten pairs in my regular rotation. Excessive? Absolutely! But in the words of a 2014 Selena Gomez song I never liked, “the heart wants what it wants.”


My heart wants super-cute sneakers I can wear with sweats now and real outfits later, and luckily, I’ve got quite a few pairs. From Puma to Reebok to FILA, I’ve decided to share with you my ultimate must-haves. Some are chunky white dad sneaks, others are quirky slip-ons and a few are edgy, athletic silhouettes. All are So. Freaking. Good. which is why they’ve made the list. Yes, believe it or not, these ten pairs are only a smattering of the sneakers I own—I’m blessing you with the best of the best, and I’ll be wildly impressed if you don’t order at least one pair.

With that, read on for the quarantine sneaker roundup you deserve. Wear ’em around the house, on your weekly grocery run, to walk your dog or just for an Instagram photoshoot. I have a pair for each of the aforementioned activities, but I don’t recommend sneaker-hoarding to the insane degree that I do. At least I can chalk it up to working in fashion, right? Every pair purchased is ~research~!

The Reebok Classic Leather ATI Sneakers are my take on a basic white sneaker with a bonus tiny pop of color. I’m so into the unexpected sunshine yellow moment, and I love the logomania details, as well as the bright yellow foam sockliner. I wear these with pretty much everything, and even though that means mostly leggings and sweats at the moment, they’re a slim enough silhouette that I can totally style with bias-cut slips or flowy sundresses, too.

When Keds first announced their collaboration with The Bee & The Fox, I knew right away these Double Decker “Do No Harm” Sneakers would be mine. This saying was most definitely my go-to ~I’m edgy~ away message back when we all used AOL Instant Messenger, and while I’m not normally one for slip-ons, I’ve been loving the throw-on-and-go vibes since I’m spending so much time at home.

I wasn’t sure if I really loved the Future Rider Sneakers when Puma first generously gifted them to me, but then they went viral on Tik Tok, and after seeing them styled a trillion cool ways, I became obsessed. I’m not normally one for kicks this loud, but for these babies, I make an exception. They’re only available in a few sizes on the Puma site, but there’s another (equally bright!) colorway available at Urban Outfitters that has a few more sizing options in stock.

The Skechers Energy Skeakers are my chef’s kiss, Holy Grail white sneakers. Just chunky enough, bouncy and comfortable, and honestly cute AF. My favorite part is getting complimented on them and being able to tell my friends, “They’re Skechers!” I’ve sold a lot of Skechers this way, lemme tell you.